Homemade Sausage

SausageIt’s been a couple of years since our buddy Ed Hoffmann taught us how to make fresh homemade sausage. That class was such a hit we decided to offer it again for the folks who missed it the first time. Ed made both links and patties, Italian sausage as well as chicken and apple sausage and Mexican style chorizo, plus he provided recipes for a few more of his favorites.

A retired petroleum geologist, Ed has traveled the world, but it was living (and eating) in Louisiana that really snapped him to attention and inspired him to start cooking. With thirty years of sausage making under his belt now, he’s got it down pat. “It’s easier than you think,” he says. “If you can make meat loaf you can make sausage.”

Chicken and Apple Sausage
Ed H’s Country Sausage
Ed H’s Italian Sausage
Italian Sweet Fennel Sausage
Barese – style sausage
Mexican Style Chorizo
Texas Style Polish Sausage

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