Class Recipes

2009-2010 Season
September-“Flavors of Spain” with Camas Room’s Executive Chef, Alan Freeman
November-” Cookies for Gifts & Entertaining” with Lory Utz

2008-2009 Season
September-“A Fall Menu” with the Cooking for Charity Committee
December-“A Celebration of Holiday Cookies” with Lory Utz
January-“Homemade Breads” with Mary Edwards, Ed Hoffmann, and Jennifer Coalwell
Febuary-“Appetizers Make a Meal” with Chef Brian Light of Jake’s Grill
April-“A Paley’s Place Dinner” with Vitaly and Kimberly Paley of Paley’s Place
June-“A Half Shell Picnic” with UCC Culinary Arts Program

2007-2008 Season
March – “Over the Top Mexican!” with Molly Schaefer Priest of Df, and Brandborg Winery
January – “Chocolate!” with Chef Brian Light of Jake’s Grill, and Henry Estate Winery
November – “Holiday Cookies and Candies” with Lory Utz, Holly Werner, and MarshAnne Landing Winery
September – “Get Ready for Fall!” with the Cooking for Charity Committee Members, and Hillcrest Vineyards

2006-2007 Season
September – “A Pastry Chef’s Favorites” with Chef Brande Stumpe of Seven Feathers
October – “Homemade Sausage” with Ed Hoffmann
November – “Holiday Cookies” with Lory Utz
December – “Wine and Food Pairing” with Susan Stiles of cin cin!
January – “A Winter Dinner” with Cathy Driver
February – “Gnocchi” with Pat Lee of the Steamboat Inn
March – “Dinner with Molly” with Molly Schaefer Priest of Df and Taqueria Nueve
April – “Asian Salads” with Lani Terry
June – “Spanish Paella” with Earl Jones of Abacela Winery

2005-2006 Season
September – “Beyond Red Sauce” with the Cooking for Charity chefs
October – “Autumn Dinner” with Chef Vincent Maneha of Brix 527
November – “Holiday Cookies” with Lori Utz
December – “Party Appetizers” with Lani Terry
January – “Cajun Gumbos” with Ed Hoffmann
February – “A Winter’s Dinner” with Chef Simon Boswell
March – “A Spring Dinner” with Chef Brian Light of Jake’s Grill
April – “Braising Meats” with Chef Mary Talaber of “Cooking with Mary T”
May – “Phyllo Creations” with Kathy Shayle
June – “Cook Italian!” with Mary Edwards and Pat Lee