Braising Meats

Braising MeatsIt may be spring, but, this being Oregon, it’ll be a while before we start cooking like it is. Until it’s warm enough and dry enough to dust off the barbecue, a nice braised dish simmering on the back burner makes an easy meal that will delight your family and guests with its rich flavors and savory aromas. For our April cooking class, we were pleased to welcome Chef Mary Talaber, who shared with us her best tips and recipes for the technique of moist, slow cooking that we call BRAISING. Focusing this class on pork, beef, and chicken, Mary prides herself on giving her students the skills and confidence to come up with their own adventurous and innovative creations.

In 1980, Chef Mary “T” fled from Communist Hungary to Anchorage, Alaska, where she completed her studies under Chef Jozsef Vegh. Eight years later she moved to Oregon to run her own restaurant. She is currently a restaurant consultant, cooking instructor, and host of a weekly radio show, “What’s Cooking with Mary T” on KQEN.

How to Braise Meats

Pot Roast
Stuffed Rib-eye steak w/Roasted pepper and Goat cheese
Grilled Chicken breast w/Pinot Gris sauce
Poached Salmon w/Pinot Noir sauce
Spicy Lamb w/Gewurztraminer Sauce