Poached Salmon w/ Pinot Noir sauce

Courtesy of Chef Mary Talaber

Salmon filets
Green onions
Garlic – minced
Lemon – sliced
Salt & Pepper
Unsalted butter

Season fish fillet with salt and pepper. Lay salmon on foil, add melted butter, onions and lemon slices. Cover and bake or BBQ until fish’s inside temperature reaches at least 145°. Remove and keep warm.

Pinot Noir sauce

Pinot Noir
Heavy cream
Fresh dill – minced
Salt & pepper

Add wine to sauce pan and reduce amount by half, set aside. To heavy cream add salt, pepper, dell and a touch of allspice. Then whip until it becomes firm. On a serving plate, add fish fillet surrounded with the wine sauce. Then using a pastry bag, pipe whipped cream mixture into three or four small roses on the sauce. Serve with parsnip potatoes and sauteed cactus.