Phyllo Creations

BaklavaPhyllo is that magical paper-thin dough used to make wonderfully flaky Mediterranean favorites like baklava. For our May Cooking for Charity class, “Phyllo Creations,” we were pleased to welcome Kathy Shayler, who developed a fascination with Middle Eastern cuisines during her five year sojourn in Egypt in the late 1970s. She went there to study Arabic language and literature, and came back with a new love of the region’s tantalizing flavors. That prompted her to become a chef and caterer and Kathy has done stints at Dino’s, and (the late) Umpqua Brew Pub and La Garza Winery.

Because some folks think phyllo is hard to work with (it isn’t really), she makes sure her classes are hands-on: all of her students get a chance to handle the dough and actually make something with it. On the menu are baklava, spanikopita, strudel, and cheese kisses, an appetizer. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Cheese Kisses