Get Ready for Fall!


For September, the Cooking for Charity committee members put together a dinner featuring seasonal ingredients of our region. With so many of our local crops in full harvest, it only makes sense to take advantage of their freshness and abundance. The lovely, simple menu, which you’ll find easy to replicate when entertaining at home this fall, included Beet Salad with Oregon Blue Cheese and Hazelnuts, Fresh-caught Fall Salmon, and Pear Tart.

Hillcrest Vineyard’s Susan DeMara, who is a brand-new committee member, brought along some of their best wines to accompany the meal.

Beet Salad with Oregon Blue Cheese
Sorrel Sauce
Pear Tart

Hillcrest Vineyard 2003 Reisling
Hillcrest Vineyard 2004 Syrah
Hillcrest Vineyard 2005 Late Harvest Reisling